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This is the NEW visual and story-based blog for Maria Gutierrez, creator of the Hundehersteller Universe and author of the "On the Leash" series.


I'm reposting my old Patreon content here during the month of June. It'll be in dribs and drabs so please exercise patience and, again, please don't send me 200 messages that effectively make me want to delete my account and retire to a nunnery in the Himalayas. Thanks.

After my recent poll asking you what kind of content you'd like to see more of, as well as a few messages asking about celebrity content, I thought I'd create something I could update regularly that incorporated your feedback.

The result is a series I'm calling "Where Are They Now?", which will be manips and stories showing what happened to various celebrities after the Leash Laws went into effect. The first subject is the Tawny Cauc formerly known as Taylor Swift, a domestic animal whose howling and yapping was formerly deemed worthy of recording but is now reserved for begging for treats or chasing barn rats.

As with many other former "celebrity" acquisitions, the animal was given a few special modifications with its nanite installation to both enhance its behavior and to prevent any misguided attempts at rescue. If anyone tampers with the animal or attempts to remove it from its designated living and work areas without authorization, its self-defense mechanisms will activate, physically incapacitating any male assailants and aggressively converting any female ones.

The animal was also left in Beta, with enhanced suppression to ensure compliance without having to resort to Gamma. Because the animal's original personality is intact and observing, it was also given a Humiliation Arousal Enhancement to ensure it becomes physically aroused, and eager to serve, whenever it is subjected to behavior "Taylor Swift" would have found degrading. Consequently, it spends much of its time in a state of extreme arousal and is always eager to please, as its orgasm is directly tied to those using it.

Stripped of its delusions of importance, this particular cunt was converted to a FuckMutt and sold to a pair of lesbian farmers in the Lakelands. 

No more concerts or photoshoots for this mutt; it now spends its days padding alongside its Mistresses, herding CowSluts back into the barn and providing sexual gratification on demand. 

While programmed for Sapphic service and preferences, the animal will of course happily serve any male Customer-Citizens™. Several of the men who work the farm as part of their role in the local Societal Enhancement Unit (SEU) are more than happy to provide the animal with supplemental nutrition during their morning and afternoon breaks.

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