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Sometimes, it seems like the Empire is leaking through into this reality with alarming regularity.

Last month, talented cosplayer and breed exemplar for Tawny Cauc fuckpets everywhere Marie-Claude Bourbonnais posted this photo to her Instagram:

The Face of a Happy Cow‚Äč

The fat-titted bimbo claimed it was an attempt to produce the infamous Ahegao face in real life. Anyone who's paid a visit to the Hundehersteller Empire, however, recognizes this as what it truly is: an animal begging to be put into the mindless bliss of Alpha.

Marie-Claude has long been a favorite transformation subject of mine. I generally prefer to see her as the Tawny Cauc fuckmutt she was born to be, but his particular turn of events made me realize those udders could be put to very productive work in a CowSlut Cottage.

Between this ahegao shot and Marie-Claude's very promising return to "glamour" modeling, it seems that at least one of the Empire's favorite pets understands what it was made to do, and is eager to do it.

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