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This is the NEW visual and story-based blog for Maria Gutierrez, creator of the Hundehersteller Universe and author of the "On the Leash" series.


It had been years since it thought of itself as anything but Chi-Chi. The perpetually horny Latin Brindle bitch was not given to (or capable of) deep thought anyway, but sometimes a lingering image, almost like one of the moving pictures on its Owners' magic box, would flash through its stunted mind.

A tall, beautiful stray walking with a small statue.

The same stray laughing and waving at flashing cameras.

A bearded man (Not the Owner, but another, irritatingly familiar man), putting His hands on the stray, making Chi-Chi feel hot and wet, tail wagging and fat ass squirming without knowing why.

Sometimes, the images came with sounds. One sound, "Sofia," was most common, but it meant nothing. Chi-Chi wondered in its canine fashion if that was the name of the stray.

The images made no sense on their own, and Chi-Chi no longer had the mental fortitude required to contextualize them as anything other than pretty images that made it feel slightly uneasy.

Its limited reverie was broken when the Owner came into the kitchen, carrying Chi-Chi's breakfast. The PuppyCream® came, as always, with the special dispenser that would help keep Chi-Chi's drooling mouth well-trained for its primary use: pleasing the Owner. A bowl of BitchBites® would follow, and then the Owner would take Chi-Chi for its morning walk around the neighborhood.

"Here you go, mutt," said the Owner, setting the bowl down in front of the drooling, wriggling Latin Brindle. "Eat up quick, because we're going on a little errand this morning." He ruffled the fur on Chi-Chi's head and then squeezed its hanging udders while it began to feed. "I think it's time we got you a kennelmate."

Slurping and wriggling, Chi-Chi wagged its tail, attention totally devoted to breakfast, all thoughts of the strange images banished by a powerful blend of lust and hunger that overtook it whenever it saw a cock. It didn't really understand most of what the Owner said, but it would be happy to do whatever it was told.

After all, it was a good dog, and always—always—had been.

Note: I was really happy with how the Living Latex turned out in this manip. The tail's still a bit wonky, but it has that chunky, rubberized look that's hard to get sometimes.

Also, this was my first successful test in bringing the "Latin Brindle" mutation to life in a manip. It gets mentioned a lot in the literature but until now I haven't done much with it. I liken it to vitiligo mixed with enhancement of the stripes domestic animals have anyway. When Doctor H was developing the BitchMaker™ nanites, certain genetic markers interacted oddly with the nanites during recombination, and so animals of certain breeds (almost exclusively those with a combination of Hispanic, Lusitanic, and Indigenous American DNA) display "brindling" on their hides once converted. 

Rather than treat it as a defect, the good Doctor opted to consider it a feature, and so today nearly every Latin Brindle, whether converted to a FuckMutt, CowSlut, PigSlut, MonkeyCunt, etc. will display this distinctive colorization. It should be noted, however, that the brindle effect does not occur in Latin Brindles converted solely with BimboMaxx™, ManneQueen™, or HandyHelper™ nanites, as those do not trigger the physiological changes that come with reassignment to an animal role.

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