Hundehersteller Industries

This is the NEW visual and story-based blog for Maria Gutierrez, creator of the Hundehersteller Universe and author of the "On the Leash" series.


As I've been working in 3D more and more, I'm really pleased with the artistic versatility that comes with being able to pose and render figures and scenes in exactly the way I want. It shaves tons of time off my average image's postwork, and I'm sure I'll continue to find more ways to refine my workflows as time goes on.

Right now I'm working on a series of "What If..." images where I explore the potential fates of celebrity cunts in the wake of Leashing Day and the rise of the Hundehersteller Empire. Will they become a FuckMutt? A BimboSlut? A Whorse? A CowSlut? A Blowjob Dispenser? A rutting PigSlut or hooting MonkeyCunt?

The possibilities, like the power of the Empire, are endless.

Emma here is the first to see what awaits her once False Equality falls and the Natural Order is restored...

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