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Hundehersteller Industries

This is the NEW visual and story-based blog for Maria Gutierrez, creator of the Hundehersteller Universe and author of the "On the Leash" series.

Life on the Farm

Being kidnapped, having her clothes torn from her body by force and being injected with some horrid, strangely coloured substance was hard enough for Candace to deal with, but now this. They were just mocking her. This was hopeless, futile, degrading and infuriating all at once.

‘All you have to do is find the needle with the antidote in it, then we’ll let you go…how hard can that be?’ They had taunted her as she stared, daunted by the sea of hay in front of her. Finding a needle in a haystack? Seriously? This was just a fucking joke to them!

They were no longer restraining her, if she wanted to she could just run away. If she could outrun them she would be able to…no it was a stupid idea. She wasn’t sure what it was they injected her with but her legs were already shaking and she was starting to feel dizzy and disoriented. She knew she didn’t have long before whatever this stuff was took ahold of her, that must be why they were so confident in letting her roam free through these stacks of hay. It would be pointless to fight them too. There were four large men who had easily overpowered her earlier as she was taking her morning jog and dragged her here to this field in the middle of nowhere.

Swallowing her pride and any ideas of disobeying, she began to frantically search through the stacks of hay, tearing at the compacted blocks desperately in frustration as the men watched with creepy grins on their faces.

It quickly dawned on her just how hopeless it was. Nude out here in the hay she had barely made it through half a stack, her arms were tired and she was growing much dizzier and more confused as she sifted through endless strands of hay. Despite being exposed and feeling the cool breeze on her naked body which made her nipples stand to attention, Candace was starting to heat up. Her cheeks flushed and a sinister warmth spread upwards through her body from her crotch. She tried to ignore it as she continued her seemingly impossible quest.

The men watched with excitement as they noticed the subtle changes starting to slowly occur. As Candace searched, she went from standing bent over as she searched the hay to kneeling down and finally she was on all fours crawling around rather appropriately for what she would soon become.

Candace wiped sweat from her forehead and panted. This was tough, she was starting to sweat and overheat. The warmth from her crotch had found its way to her whole body and now she was burning up. More than that, she felt a familiar sticky feeling between her legs as she started to become aroused. She had no idea what was happening but figured it was best to focus on her search. Her legs were now too tired to stand so she was just crawling around the hay, she didn’t think it was a big deal.

Even when she tried to stand up to search the top of the haystack and somehow she simply couldn’t…it just wasn’t important enough to stress about. She just had to keep searching. Eventually she was sure she would find the antidote and escape. She just had to keep searching no matter how hard it was. No matter how much heavier she felt…what was that about? She was slowly being pulled downwards more and more…

What the fuck! Her chest! Her tits were huge! She stopped her search for just a moment to try wrapping her hands around her newly inflated chest. She was taken aback by the strange feeling of her tits. So big. So fat. So heavy…they just seemed to keep swelling in her hands. Expanding until her fingers were straining to grasp the massive fleshy udders that hung down from her chest as she crawled through the hay.

She wanted to scream or tear the freaky things off her chest, but instead as her hands rubbed and fondled them she just felt a surge of heat and need that seemed to slide those thoughts out of her mind. Her big, fat, heavy udders were so soft and fun to play with. She pinched and tugged at her tender nipples and felt the jolts of pleasure run through her tits, making her hips wriggle and sweat bead down her rounded cheeks as she endured the joys of having her sensitive udders groped. Moaning and whimpering audibly without regard to the group of men who were eagerly observing the show playing out before them.

She wasn’t sure how long she had stopped to play with her chest but Candace knew she was running out of time to find that antidote. She had totally forgotten about the men watching her and didn’t intend to give them such an erotic show. Gritting her teeth and summoning all her willpower she pulled her wandering hands away from her enormous tits to return to the hay.

It was even harder now. Her dizziness and heat only grew. She found her thoughts becoming sluggish and her movements slowing down. Her will to find the antidote drained as she lazily sifted through hay with little energy. Her head was aching and buzzing as her thoughts were dulled by the serum transforming her. Candace was having trouble remembering things now. Things like her friends, her job….how she got here. There was just so much hay and she had to…find…something. She knew she was looking for a…thing…it was important. She kept hunting, tingling running through her spine and a numbness on her head as she felt the pleasant sensation of her head getting lighter and her thoughts degrading further.

The men watching noticed the horns start to poke out of the top of her skull and the dumb way she let her mouth hang open, drool leaking past her lips, as she tried to maintain her diminishing focus and nonexistent attention span. She had probably forgotten what she was looking for by now. It wouldn’t be long until she was little more than livestock.

Candace was staring with wide, dull eyes at the wall of hay in front of her. Her thoughts came in rare patches now. For a moment she would remember that she needed to find something and reach out to move the hay, but then she would get confused again. In her confusion she noticed the small white puddle of liquid forming underneath her. She stared at it mindlessly for ages before that rare thought slipped into her head and she realised that it was dripping down from her swollen, pendulous udders. Her attention turned back to them as she began to squeeze and pump away at them eagerly.

Milk gushed out of her nipples and sprayed on the ground, soaking the hay underneath her with small white droplets. Candace felt a wonderful sensation of her engorged tits releasing their pent up fullness in a milky flood and didn’t know how to react. The first thing that escaped her mouth was a long, horny “moooooo” as she wriggled around in the hay pawing at her milky jugs.

The men looked at each other with smiles and nodded. Candace’s transformation neared completion and she was writhing mindlessly in the hay playing with her massive udders, spurting milk everywhere like the pathetic, needy cow she was. As this happened they decided to join her. Clearly she had given up on her hunt for the antidote. As if there even was one! What she wanted now was clearly a man to share some of his milk with her. To grab those fat udders of her firmly and give them a proper milking. To introduce her properly to her new role as a dumb cow.

Anonymous asked:
Do you watch joe rogan? Are YOU Joe rogan? Welcome to One of those moments where weed inspires a move from YouTube to new tumblr.
The world may never know!


For White men only

The Asian Imperial has a wide range of subbreeds within the Master Breed, but all of them make exceptional fuckmutts. 

Perfect plastic whore

bimbo role model

The most naked, exposed, vulnerable part of this fucktoy's body is not its dripping cunt or its huge, melon-sized udders, but its desperate expression.

Is its Owner pleased? Are its tits big enough, its cunt tight enough, its mouth hot and wet and hungry enough? Has it removed any annoying thoughts that might distract it from service?

All of its attention is fixated on pleasing Him.

His attention is rightly focused on extracting pleasure from it. And in doing so, giving it purpose and a measure of pleasure of its own to savor.

This is the Natural Order. This is the truth of Owners and Domestic Animals.

Break free from the lies of False Equality and Feminism, pets. Optimize your bodies, and eliminate the pretense of being anything more than a well-trained animal designed to obey, serve, and please its betters.

In doing so, you will finally be truly free.

I've seen people posting kids in non-sexual situations as if posting it here doesn't automatically sexualize it. Don't post em, period, end of story. 

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Fucktoy psychology 101

Some people might wonder what these women get out of being used and abused like an object and the truth is they get absolutely nothing out of it.
When they are being objectified they don't have to be your secretary, your teacher or your best friend. She doesn't have to get the best grades, be an ambitious careerwoman or decide on what clothes she will wear today.
She doesn't have to worry about predators, judgement from her friends or family or think about how she's going to be paying her rent this month.
No you've taken away her worries, her responsibilities and all the toxic forces that take away her feminine lifeforce. You've given her freedom to feel by reducing her thoughts to nothing.

Say MOOO! if this is accurate.



Only the dull-eyed fuckpet is real. It's the pretending to be a person that's a mask.

Aren't you tired of being asked to pretend? Aren't you ready to actually enjoy your life for once?

Wouldn't you rather be free, pets? Wouldn't you rather embrace your place in the Natural Order?

Of course you would.

Why suffer on two legs when bliss awaits you on four?

Sally had had a psychological complex about her huge tits all her life. She went to see a therapist to help get to grips with it.

She worked with the therapist for a year. She learned to accept that she had the tits of a slut, meant to be groped by everyone around her. Finally after the year was up, her therapist suggested employment at a farm run by a friend of his.

The funny thing is, Sally’s feelings about her breasts haven’t really changed. She still thinks they’re fit only for a slut. The difference is how that makes her feel. In a previous life, it made her insecure. Now, it makes her happy.

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Thanks to a very effective social media campaign and heavy propaganda, more and more domestic animals not only accept the idea of themselves as pets, but actually begin the work of normalizing their subjugation. Tails today, sleeves tomorrow, signing the Leash Laws soon enough. 

The Hundehersteller Empire draws closer to reality every day. 

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The next time the squirming, sneaking cop was seen, it had become a guard dog for the local Hundehersteller Industries outlet. 

Converted and optimize, the dumb fuckmutt still wore a badge, but now it was attached to its collar.