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This is the NEW visual and story-based blog for Maria Gutierrez, creator of the Hundehersteller Universe and author of the "On the Leash" series.


Chi-Chi wasn't the smartest FuckMutt, but it knew there was something very familiar about the new Chestnut Cauc the Owner had brought home from the DODAM Rescue Shelter.

FunBags had the same PermaBolt full of BitchMaker as Chi-Chi did, but that wasn't the reason the Latin Brindle felt elated, rather than merely curious, when the Owner opened the crate and let the new dogslut into the house.

FunBags set off a stream of images in Chi-Chi's warped, diminished brain, but they were just a confused jumble of strays doing confusing people things. Chi-Chi heard more sounds, like "Ariel" and "Alex" and "Teevee" but they meant nothing to it. 

After a round or two of the usual sniffing and licking, the two bitches had been content to romp around the living room while the Owner watched, chuckling. FunBags had a look, a bark, even a scent that felt almost like a littermate. That was silly, of course; FunBags was a different breed and also much younger than Chi-Chi, but still, it couldn't help feeling happy and horny when it looked at the fat-titted Chestnut Cauc.

FunBags seemed to have an immediate affinity for the older FuckMutt, too. Its bolt was newer, so it didn't have clear images flashing in its nanite-altered brain, just impressions. But Chi-Chi's scent and face seemed warm and welcoming, and FunBags felt itself getting wet, too, although that was its usual state.

"Nice to see they fixed what you ruined with that reduction, you stupid bitch," said the Owner, fondling its enormous BimboMaxx'd udders. FunBags only barked, then went back to playing with Chi-Chi.  


Later, that night, as the Owner was locking Chi-Chi in its kennel, it was surprised to see Him leading the new fuckmutt not to a cage, but to His bedroom. Chi-Chi was always extra happy whenever the Owner let it curl up and sleep on the plush dog mat at the foot of His bed after a good fucking. 

But as Chi-Chi watched from its cage, it saw Funbags leap up onto the bed, a place Chi-Chi was never allowed without a direct command. Funbag settled in, wagging its tail and staring dimly at Chi-Chi while the Owner patted its empty head. The Owner pushed the bedroom door shut with one foot, moving toward the panting fuckmutt on His bed, and Chi-Chi heard the familiar sound of him unzipping his pants before the door closed completely.

Soon after, barks and yips and the occasional howl floated out of the room. Chi-Chi could hear the Owner giving FunBags commands, His voice coarse and ragged as it always was when He was sharing His yummy bone and hot jizz with Chi-Chi.

The Latin Brindle lowered its head and whined, chewing on its dildo bone in a desultory fashion, head resting on its forepaws, massive tits mashed against the cold metal floor of the cage, Living Latex tail low and twitching sadly.


Some time later, Chi-Chi awoke to find the Owner standing outside its cage, looking down on it with a wry smile.

"Pretty lonely out here, eh, old gal?" He said, kneeling. Chi-chi rose to its feet, tail wagging as the Owner reached through the bars to pat its head.

"Don't worry, bitch. I wouldn't deny you a treat. I just wanted to give that other cunt a test drive before I tried you two together. I wanted it to know I'm the Alpha before I showed it you're the Beta." He laughed and rubbed Chi-Chi's head. The dimwitted FuckMutt that used to be Sofia Vergara barked excitedly, responding more to the Owner's tone than anything else.

The Owner unlatched the cage door and stood, stepping back as he opened the door for Chi-Chi to crawl out. "This is something of a reunion for you two, although I figure neither of you know why. Not anymore, anyway." He laughed again, rubbing His chin. "Cost me a pretty penny, but when I heard the DoDAM shelter had a Special they'd recovered from a private collector, I knew I had to get in before that dipshit Johnson tried to buy it and put it in that stupid traveling "Celebitch Circus" of his. What a fucking idiot."

Chi-Chi whined, head cocked as it stared up at the Owner.

He shook His head. "Never mind, dumb puppy. It's people stuff." He clucked his tongue and said, "C'mon. Let's go see how FunBags takes a cock from both ends." 

He snapped and said...something. Chi-Chi jerked, and its Living Latex tail melted, flowing over its round hips to reshape itself into a thick ten-inch strap-on dangling between its legs.

Chi-Chi shuddered, as it always did when the Owner used one of his "special commands," and then, after bending awkwardly to give the dildo a sniff and a lick, padded after him into the bedroom where the busty cockhound that was once called Ariel Winter panted, waiting patiently to take its place in the Owner's very modern family.

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